has a brand new look this month thanks to the talented designers over at Ammo Advertising.  This site overhaul took several months and were in still in the process of updating a few sections (we’ve been working non-stop since January on new motion picture projects) but we’re excited about where we are headed.

A few weeks ago we were approached by Ammo to shoot & edit a 60 second commercial with Baseball Hall-of-Fame Pitcher, and my childhood hero, Nolan Ryan.  Needless to say Iniosante jumped at the opportunity to work on such an awesome piece.  We wrangled our AD Matt Chase and enlisted Script Supervisor Hillary Foytik to get the preproduction rolling.  There were a few tense moments the night before as we worked to get all the ducks in a row but on the big day Mr Ryan arrived and everything went off without a hitch.  The man who played the Catcher in the short film is Cory Foytik and the commercial also starred Tracey Norris, Johnny Castillo, & Peyton Kempf, among others.  The whole project wouldn’t have been possible without the hard-working Executive Producer, Judy Young- who actually jumped in the river and waded across to clear the background for one of our shots as golfers kept getting in the frame.  Nolan Ryan was a ball to work with and we casually joked between takes.  We shot it on a Thursday and had it turned around and out the door the following Tuesday- even Ryan’s camp was blown away with the speed and professionalism with which Iniosante worked on the commercial.

All in all it was an awesome project and one of those memories I will personally cherish for a lifetime.

Here is a link to Ammo’s website where they chat it up in more details…

And here is a link to watch the commercial on Vimeo…

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