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Pre-Production: We’ll need to get some initial information from you- like your budget, target audience and message. After outlining your project we’ll dive into the details- we’ll write scripts, storyboard, find talent, location scout, prepare interview questions and coordinate schedules.

Production: Our team has experience with shooting everything from interviews, live events, website promo videos, PSAs, corporate commercials, to documentaries. On the day of the shoot our team will coordinate everything! We’ll direct, light scenes, and make sure we’ve got every shot we need.

Post-Production: After shooting we begin to edit your video. It’s time to comb-through all the footage and find the best shots. We’ll make sure the colors pop, audio is clear, and the video keeps moving. We’ll throw in any music, titles, or graphics needed to keep your video vibrant and interesting. Once we’re happy we’ll deliver your initial cut for any feedback or revisions you may need.